CNC Machine

A fully functional CNC mill, capable of working with materials such as wood, plastic, fiberglass and aluminum. Controlled using open-source software.

LED Matrix

An 11 x 5 cell, hand-soldered LED matrix. Controlled using shift registers and a microcontroller board programmed in C.


Research @ Concordia

An intuitive, user-friendly interface that provides access to the active researchers at Concordia University, as well as the interconnections between them.

Sign Manual

A web-based catalog of sign-faces used by the National Capital Commission in Ottawa. Signs are accessible by keywords and categories. Installation specifications are linked to each sign, and can be included in dynamically generated PDF reports.


Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm

A dynamic-programming algorithm used in bio-informatics and genomics research to compare sections of DNA. Implemented in C++ and wrapped in a class that provides a convenient interface.

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